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Lora Claus Joins Synergy Commodity as CEO

Synergy Commodity is pleased to announce the appointment of Lora Claus as Chief Executive Officer.

Claus holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from Virginia Tech and has worked across a variety of industries and commodities to manage price and volume risk. She comes to Synergy from Burndy LLC, a division of Hubbell (HUBB), a global manufacturer of electrical products. Claus held a variety of positions during her decade with the company, from managing the replenishment strategy for over 20,000 finished, semi-finished, and raw materials to her most recent role as Director of Customer Service, Pricing, and Distribution. Her commodity experience spans livestock, grain and feed byproducts, energy and metals, having held positions at Smithfield Foods and Blue Seal Feeds in addition to her time in the energy and electrical markets.

“It is a privilege to join this team.” Claus said. “My fascination with markets goes back to my college days. Too often they are portrayed as a black box that only the mystical few can understand. I am motivated to pull back that veil and help our clients make better buying decisions, so they can achieve and exceed their goals. I’m so pleased to work with Avi, Taylor, and Jordan as we grow our services.”

Commodity market veterans Aviral Chopra and Taylor Hudson launched Synergy Commodity in 2021 to provide custom procurement and risk management services. Leveraging their deep institutional knowledge in supply, trading and marketing, Synergy provides solutions that meet each client’s particular needs.

“Synergy Commodity has really taken off in our first year, and Lora provides the strategic leadership and commodities knowledge that we need,” said Hudson.

A resident of Plymouth, NH, Claus enjoys soccer, hiking and biking with her husband and their two children. She can be reached at or 603-703-2247.

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