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Client testimonials for Synergy Commodity

From the owner of a full-service heating oil and propane company in Massachusetts


Synergy Commodity procures all our heating oil and propane, which is wonderful, because I can focus on running my business instead of watching the market every day. I believe in hiring experts who know that they are doing and trusting them. Taylor Hudson and Avi Chopra are far more qualified than I am, and they are watching my inventory and making sure we are purchasing at the right time. 

Plus they are so nice and so lovely, and there is no hard sell. They bring the information and ask what I think. There is never anyone saying ‘You have to do this.’ You can just have great conversations and not worry whether they thought I knew what I was doing. 

Since I began working with Synergy, I feel more secure. I never felt 100 percent competent doing my own procurement. I didn’t go to school for buying fuel, and the markets are like Las Vegas. They have opened the door to us getting bids from multiple suppliers, whereas before I was getting bids from only one or two. We have more choice, and we’re making better decisions. 

Now that I am freed up from watching the markets, I can focus on my employees, my customers, my future plans, and our day-to-day operations. This has eliminated stress and given me back my sense of competency. 

My advice is to listen to them, see what they have to offer, and hire them, so you can get back to running your business and enjoying it. They have your back. 

From the owner of a New Hampshire full-service heating oil and propane company


We have peace of mind knowing that our purchase decisions are supported by real market experts like Avi and Taylor. They both have 20 years of market experience and maintain excellent historical data. One is a heating oil specialist, and the other handles propane. The fact that they have specialists in both markets is very appealing to us. We appreciate their industry knowledge, and they are also very easy to communicate with and relate to.

On the propane side, I talk to Avi every day, and he gives me insight as to what is the most advantageous location, based on market timing and supply dynamics. For heating oil, Taylor makes us aware of market opportunities we might be able to capture. I’m a pretty active and involved owner, so the option they provide for advisory services works perfectly for us and gives me good peace of mind.

From the owner of a full-service Bioheat company in Massachusetts


I have worked with Taylor Hudson before, and when he started his company it made sense to give him full authority to procure all of our fuel and hedge our programs. I have the utmost trust in their company, and I stay out of their way and let them do their job. They have consistently lowered the cost of the fuel we purchase and provided full coverage for our pricing plans in affordable and quantifiable fashion. 


Synergy frees me up to be more effective dealing with everything that comes across my plate. I used to wake up early and look at the markets and try to get a read. I’d talk with the delivery manager and spend the first part of the morning looking at the market and trying to decide whether we want to buy a prompt or buy for a couple of days. Now we leave that to someone who is watching the markets all day, and who is fully engaged with our suppliers. We are freed up to spend more time running the business, and we have more time for our customers. It allows me to be a better CEO.


Anyone can benefit from these services, whether they are small, medium or large. 


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